Cold Pressed Juices

Our juices are 100% made of Fruits/Veg/Herbs. They contain No Preservaties, No Sugar, No Water and No Additiives.

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Brain Tonic Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Brain Tonic 200ml
₹​88 ₹​110
Cool Pineapple Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Cool Pineapple 200ml
₹76 ₹​95
Lively Carrot Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Lively Carrot 200ml
₹​84 ₹​105
Super Red Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Super Red 200ml
₹​80 ₹​100
Melody Melon Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Melody Melon 200ml
₹112 ₹​140
Super Sweet Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Super Sweet 200ml
₹128 ₹​160
Radiant Apple Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Radiant Apple 200ml
₹​140 ₹​175
Coco Aloe Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Coco Aloe 200ml
₹​76 ₹​95
Protein Power Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Protein Power 200ml
₹96 ₹120
King Mango Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
King Mango 200ml
₹84 ₹105
Baelwood Apple Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Baelwood Apple 200ml
₹120 ₹150
Green Grapes Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Green Grapes 200ml
₹95 ₹110
Jamun Anar Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Jamun Anar 200ml
₹84 ₹105
Red Grapes Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Red Grapes 200ml
₹95 ₹110
Royal Litchi Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Royal Litchi 200ml
₹84 ₹105
Sugarcane Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Sugarcane 200ml
₹80 ₹105
Sugarcane Guava Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Sugarcane Guava 200ml
₹90 ₹110
Sugarcane Mango Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Sugarcane Mango 200ml
₹95 ₹115

Our Process

We work hard to give you the Freshest and Healtiest juices in the most Hygenic way.

Step 1

Select the Freshest Fruits/Vegetables/Herbs

Our team will choose the freshest produce like
Fruits/Vegetables/Herbs. We thoroughly inspect all
the products and reject the not very good ones.

Step 2

A Splash of Purified Water

We wash all the Fruits/Veg/Herbs 3 times,in the last
step we wash them with Purified water.

Step 3

Ingredients are Peeled & Chopped

All Fruits/Veg/Herbs are carefully cut and chopped.

Step 4

Slow Grinding

All Fruits/Veg/Herbs are then slowly Grinded to pre-
pare them for Hydraulic Cold pressing.

Step 5

Cold Pressing

We then use our specifically developed Hydraulic
machine to press the ingredients and
extract all the juices in its best form.

Step 6

Cold Filling

We will all the freshly prepared juices in Glass bottle-
s and refrigerate them immediately.

Step 7

Cold-chain Circulation

While shipping our products we ensure
that they optimal temperature is maintained
so that the quality of juices never deteriorates.

Step 8

Glass Bottle Recycling

We care for the Environment as much as you do. We
buy back the Glass bottles, wash them & boil them
before reusing again.

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12 Apr,2019
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A cold pressed juice is one of the best way for leading a very healthy life. You can avoid all the diseases from your body.

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12 Apr,2019
Is the juice you drink is 100% juice? And is it Chemical Free, Think again

The packaged juice contains less than 20% real juice, the rest is water, sugar, preservatives, stabilizers etc.

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3 July,2019
5 Incredible Health Benefits of Organic Fruit Juices

By now most of us are familiar with the health benefits of fruits. Dietitians suggest consuming 2 whole fruits daily etc.

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