Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • About the Juices

  • Why Fruit Juice?

    Juicing eliminates the hard to digest fibre, nutrients are obtainable to the body in a great deal of larger quantities than if the piece of fruit or vegetable was eaten whole. For instance, since a lot of the nutrients are in the fibre. Tests have shown that when you eat a raw carrot, you are only able to absorb about 3% of the beta-carotene.

    Fruit and vegetable juices are also excellent sources of the traditional nutrients. Citrus fruits (grapefruit, oranges, etc.) are packed with vitamin C. Carrot juice contains vitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene. Green juices are excellent sources of vitamin E. Fruit juices are also a source of essential minerals like iron, copper, potassium, sodium, iodine, and magnesium, which are most easily assimilated throughout digestion.

    Better Health: Our modern diet doesn't give us all the nutrients we need, which results in poor nutrition, obesity and high incidence rates of disease. Research shows that people who drink juice daily have greater energy, glowing complexions, high performing immune systems and a reduced risk of disease. As a result, they live happier, more active and balanced lifestyles.

    More Convenient: Drinking juice is the easiest way to increase your consumption of raw fruit and vegetables, which provide critical vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, living enzymes and proteins. To achieve the equivalent nutritional value of a 200 ml our Juice, you would need to eat about 3 to 4 salads a day.

  • Why Cold Pressed?

    Maximum Nutrition : Blending or crushing juice makes warm and brings oxygen into juice, denaturing ingredients used to prepare juice. A hydraulic press juicer separates nectar straightforwardly from the mash, enabling you to enjoy the concentrated amount of crucial supplements and enzymes. Faster absorption: The elimination of fibrous pulp reduces the bodywork to digest nutrients. These nutrients will then pass through the stomach into the digestive track where they are absorbed quickly.

    True cold-pressed juice is never processed or pasteurized. We produce every day, providing you the freshest juice possible.

  • Why heating or pasteurization is bad for juices?

    Fruit juices contains variety of nutrients like Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals etc etc. These nutrients are damaged by high temperature. If you don’t heat or pasteurize the juices, these essential nutrients are still there when you drink the juice!

  • Is your juice preserved in any way?

    No, our juice is never preserved. We don’t add any preservatives, our juices are as natural as it could be.

  • What is hpp?

    HPP stands for High Pressure Processing or Pascalisation. The process involves plastic bottles of juice put into a water chamber and being subjected to high pressure, as the name suggests. The process kills food spoilage bacteria but in fact kills the good bacteria too which is essential to our good health.

    Our Juices are not treated or altered in any way. We give you as pure & Raw as nature gives us.

  • My juice has separated – has it spoiled?

    Not at all, this is a completely beautiful and natural thing for cold pressed juice to do when left undisturbed and it's a really positive sign as it means that no nasty artificial stabilisers have been added to it. Don't settle for a juice that hasn't settled! Simply tilt a few times or shake gently before drinking.

  • Can I freeze my juice?

    Definitely not. Freezing will compromise the quality of our juice and the texture will change once defrosted. Also, our glass bottles will not tolerate freezing - they will shatter.

  • Do I need to refrigerate my juice?

    Yes absolutely. Our juice is highly perishable because it's completely natural and hasn't been tampered with in any way in order to preserve it. Before drinking if you want you can allow the juice to reach room temperature and then drink it immediately, don’t refrigerate it once it reaches room temperature.

  • One of my juices is a slightly different colour to the last time I ordered it. is it ok?

    Completely! Mother nature, when left to her own devices, doesn't produce anything identical. Fruits and vegetables vary according to how much sunlight they've enjoyed, how much rain, the growing temperature, the minerals in the soil, how ripe the produce is when picked and so on. Although we work with tried and tested recipes, we have living, constantly changing produce to work with. We never use concentrates or extracts in place of the real thing. Every batch of juice is tasted every day. Your juice will still be delicious even if a little different to the last batch. Embrace it.

  • Why is cold pressed juice expensive?

    All our juices are cold pressed, we don’t add any water or any preservative. What you get is 100% natural and Raw juices. The current juices available in market contains less than 20% real juice. When you understand the amount of natural produce and the care and time it takes to make each bottle of our precious juice, it will no longer seem expensive.

  • What is the Shelf life of the juices?

    Most of our juices have a shelf life of 72 hours and they should be refrigerated all the times. You can allow the juice to reach room temperature before drinking.

  • Bottles & Packaging

  • Why do you use glass bottles instead of plastic?

    The very simple answer is that glass is pure and natural – everything our company strives for. It doesn't leech any toxic substances into our precious juice as some plastic bottles can. It's impenetrable – it doesn't allow anything to permeate. It's fully re-usable and recyclable. It's high quality and elegant. There was no question in our minds.

  • Can I return the bottles to you for re-use?

    Yes please! We'd love our rinsed bottles back for re-use.

    Our delivery boys can collect the used bottle when they deliver next time to you and also we will give Rs 5 discount for every bottle + the steel cap collected from you.

  • Ordering and Delivery

  • How to I order and make payment?

    You can order for juices online and make online payment as well. You can also subscribe for juices so that we deliver on continuous basis.

  • Can I request for a Trial?

    Yes, you can request for trail, just click on the “Request Trial Button” on the Home page and we will deliver a free juice of your choice.