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No Added Sugar, No Water,
No Preservatives, No Fortified Chemical, No Pasterization

About Us

We are a Food Tech startup, and we are committed to give healthy food & juices which contain no Chemicals, No artificial things. All our juices are made to order, and contain no added sugar, water or preservatives. Nowadays everyone is more concerned about health as health is the most important thing in our life. Started in Bengaluru in 2018 and being widely appreciated by customers we have now launched in Vadodara. We pledge to give you the healthiest juices made from the freshest and handpicked fruits/vegetables/herbs. Cold-pressed juice retain most of the vitamins/minerals and they get absorbed easily, you will surely feel the positive difference after having our juices.

Why cold Pressed Juice?

  • Improving Heart Health
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Improve sleep
  • Source of vitamin needed for skin
  • Calms Stomach disorder
  • Prevent hair loss

Other juices v/s cold pressed juices

Other Juices

  • contains artificial colors flavors
  • Contains sugar and water
  • mostly fruit juices
  • contains preservatives
  • contains less than 20% actual fruits
  • manufactured months before you consume
  • Comes in plastic bottles which leach toxins

Nutripress Cold pressed juices

  • 100% raw & pure
  • no sugar & water added
  • you get fruit/ vegetble / herbs juices
  • Freshly cold pressed & delivered to you
  • comes in glass bottles which are 100% safe


Super Green Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Super Green 200ml
₹90 ₹105
Cool Pineapple Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Cool Pineapple 200ml
₹80 ₹​100
Radiant Apple Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Radiant Apple 200ml
₹​90 ₹​105
Super Red Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Super Red 200ml
₹80 ₹​95
Guava glow Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Guava glow 200ml
₹80 ₹95
Sweet lime Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Sweet Lime 200ml
₹75 ₹90
Crazy Orange Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Crazy Orange 200ml
WOW Wheetgrass Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
WOW Wheetgrass 200ml
₹80 ₹​95
Lively Carrot Cold Pressed Juice 200ml
Lively Carrot 200ml
₹75 ₹​90

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans: Any flavor of your choice

1 Week

(Mon - Sat)
₹ 550 INR
(6 bottles)

2 Week

(Mon - Sat)
₹ 1050 INR
(12 bottles)

4 Week

(Mon - Sat)
₹ 2000 INR
(24 bottles)

Our Process

We work hard to give you the Freshest and Healtiest juices in the most Hygenic way.

Step 1

Select the Freshest Fruits/Vegetables/Herbs

Our team will choose the freshest produce like
Fruits/Vegetables/Herbs. We thoroughly inspect all
the products and reject the not very good ones.

Step 2

A Splash of Purified Water

We wash all the Fruits/Veg/Herbs 3 times,in the last
step we wash them with Purified water.

Step 3

Ingredients are Peeled & Chopped

All Fruits/Veg/Herbs are carefully cut and chopped.

Step 4

Slow Grinding

All Fruits/Veg/Herbs are then slowly Grinded to pre-
pare them for Hydraulic Cold pressing.

Step 5

Cold Pressing

We then use our specifically developed Hydraulic
machine to press the ingredients and
extract all the juices in its best form.

Step 6

Cold Filling

We will all the freshly prepared juices in Glass bottle-
s and refrigerate them immediately.

Step 7

Cold-chain Circulation

While shipping our products we ensure
that they optimal temperature is maintained
so that the quality of juices never deteriorates.

Step 8

Glass Bottle Recycling

We care for the Environment as much as you do. We
buy back the Glass bottles, wash them & boil them
before reusing again.

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